Peel the potatoes , wash them , cut them into wedges and put them in the oven. Cut into strips two cloves of garlic and cut into small sprigs rosemary. Staking with sprigs of rosemary , oregano and garlic leg of lamb. On the outside of the leg to put slices of bacon and tie the leg with a string rather thin to allow it to maintain the shape during baking. Sprinkle the pan with a little oil , put the lamb , season with salt , sprinkle with dry white wine and balsamic vinegar and pass it in the oven at a temperature of 190 degrees. During cooking (1 hour) to bathe frequently with her ​​bottom and turn it over occasionally with a fork. Untie the leg and place it on a heated serving platter ; complete the cooking with white wine and let reduce almost completely, then drizzle with the sauce well reduced the lamb . Garnish the dish with roasted potatoes previously in about 1 dl of olive oil and season with salt .